Best of luck with your renewals MVP’s

For those of you who didn’t know, it’s the annual MVP renewal this Wednesday. July 1st is when all MVP’s go through their annual renewal and learn whether they will remain in the program for another year. Many will make it. Some, sadly, will not. Some will have chosen throughout the last 12 months to pursue a different path whilst others may no longer have the time or opportunity to commit to it

As I was awarded back in October 2019, I am not up for renewal until July 2021. However, I wanted to take the time to reach out and say I wish the very best of luck to all those who I have worked alongside this year. I really hope to hear the good news this week – because all of you do such fantastic work you really make the MVP community what it is

So best of luck

Craig Chiffers, Loryan Strant, Mark O’Shea, Matt Wade, Raphael Koellner, Habib Mankal, Randy Chapman, Marten Hellebro, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Alberto Diaz Martin, Rick Van Rousselt, Yannick Reekmans, Rene Modery, Magnus Sandtorv, Paul Keijzers, Veronique Lengelle, Vasil Michev, Thomas Stensitzki, Tom Arbuthnot, Marijn Somers, Joel Oleson, Ryan Schouten, Andy Huneycutt, Steven Collier, Andrew Morpeth, Steve Goodman, Kevin Crossman, Martina Grom, Dux Raymond Sy, Adis Jugo, Alexander Holmeset

And to anyone who I haven’t mentioned, excuse my poor memory – all the very best!

I also want to take the time and give a special call out to my Microsoft Teams crew Adam Deltinger, Vesku Nopanen and Chris Webb. I work with these guys practically every day and the work they do for the community is truly phenomenal. I had the opportunity of spending some time with them at Ignite 2019 (see picture above) and it was one of the very best moments of my professional life. I hope it can last a while longer