Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Using Teams Webinar Registration Data Part 1: With Automation

It was a good week last week. Why? Because I finally made it back to the Tech Community (Tech) after a long absence. One I hadn't planned. But 2021's been that kind of year hasn't it. Work, speaking, blogging, user groups, Ignite, MVP Summit, MCT Summit. Build, TeamsNation. You name it. Boom. And with Tech it was simply a case that it just piled up and aggregated to the point I couldn't contain it given commitments which took precedence. Like an oil spill in the sea. You see, when you have been in the forums for eighteen to two and are involved in a few thousand threads at that point you have to actively manage it: three weeks ago my mailbox had over 2700 emails to work through because of, well - you know, boom. Now it's true I could have simply gone on and iced them all out the mailbox. But people need help, and I'll be the first to admit I grew frustrated at times not being able to get back and help as much as I used to. Still, what I did learn throughout this period was this - ringfence time for it; and no matter how far I go or where I end up in this community Tech will always be something I do as long as it exists and I am active. Somebody asked me once why do I still do it now that I'm an MVP as if once I was awarded I'd simply blow it out and move onto 'better things'. The reason is this: it's not from some sense that I owe a debt to Tech because whilst it did lead directly to my award my stats will show I've very much paid that back then some. No, the truth is I just simply enjoy it. It's transactional. It's working stuff out. It's learning new stuff whilst helping others. Its good for blowing off some steam, like doing reps on the old barbells or lengths in a swimming pool, or sudoku. And getting back to the old stomping ground I actually discovered something new about Teams this week which is the basis for this blog. Someone asked if I knew where the registration information was for Teams Webinars based on a article which referenced it as MySite. They couldn't find it. I did. And finding leads to some very interesting implications of what can be done with webinars moving forward. Let's take a look.

Teams: Leveraging Extensibility and Growing your Teams Practice

If you were in Vegas for MS Inspire back in July then I'll wager you probably heard the expression Teams, Teams, Teams! at some point during the conference. Microsoft used it a hell of a lot. Partners did too. And Vendors. Even my colleague Graeme - who I shared a room with over at the Tropicana - proudly proclaimed it Day 1 having returned from the Hub and having - in his words - caned Fifteen K purely on the freshly brewed organic coffee they were serving outside the breakouts. Now, I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that after he'd left for the evening he went on to recreate the pose he did in the room - something I can only record for posterity as bordering on lunging - at some partner event at the Venetian, or the Wynn. I personally wouldn't be surprised if he partook in a bit of photo bombing too.