Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Adding Video and Podcast Series for the Team using Teams, Forms and Stream

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Written: 09/12/2019 | Updated: N/A

Last week, we looked at video quizzes for the team. It was whilst making this blog that I started thinking about series.  A series of instructional videos, a video subscription service, videos which are arranged on the date they were made, a set of recorded meetings or even a podcast – we often consume media in a logical order. It could even be used by the team to rate their taste in a set of film or music videos as opposed to a strict chronology. This can be used effectively with YouTube as you can’t currently add multiple YouTube videos via the YouTube app. This can also be effective for Stream but only via the Stream app as currently, videos are not yet available anonymously


  • For a series of videos in a logical order


Users need Teams and Forms licences – usually via Office/Microsoft 365. The User who is creating the series will need the ability to create tabs. An administrator will need to setup an App Setup Policy for personalised video watchlists. Login to YouTube is not required

HOW – METHOD 1 – WEB TABS (For YouTube)

1.) There may already be a defined series on YouTube. Take, for example, this series for the Teams series Coffee in the Cloud. Make a note of the site URL



2.) In Teams, select the Team, then Channel. Then select Add (+)


3.) Select Website


4.) Add the URL from the YouTube site and a defined tab title. Select Save


5.) The series is now visible in the Tab and will play without issue



Some have asked in the past how easy is it to return to the home page. Simply click the circular refresh button in the top right


This is also very effective for integrating Podcasts. Here is an example of The Intrazone which was added by the same method and which plays without issue


HOW – METHOD 2 – FORMS (For YouTube)

1.) If there isn’t already a playlist on YouTube, make a note of the URL’s and title’s of the video’s you want in the series. It should look something like this

Title: Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Title: Microsoft Teams – What’s coming in 2020

Title: Tech Tip: Microsoft Planner in Teams #BetterTogether

2.) Go to Select Group Forms then select the Team that the Form will be placed in. Select New Group Form



3.) Add the title of the Series, then select Add New which begins a new question. Select the question type Rating. Then select the Image icon on the right hand side of the question



4.) Select Video. Add the URL of the first YouTube video in the series and select Add



5.) Add a title to the video, and then add a theme. Repeat steps 3-4 to build up your video series which you can preview as shown below. The form is ready to go.


6.) In Teams, select the Team, then Channel. Select the Add (+)


7.) Select Forms


8.) Select the Form, set Collect Responses and then Save. The series can be viewed without issue in the Forms tab



METHODS 3 & 4: STREAM (For Stream)

There are two ways to watch a series in Stream.

The first is by defining a channel, adding the videos to the channel and affixing the channel to a Stream tab in the Team.

This walk-through is outlined in a previous blog here.


The second is by providing a list and have the user define their personal watchlist.

This walk-through is outlined in previous blog here



In the future it would be great if Microsoft were to develop a series portal and then the admin or user simply be able to add it via the Stream Tab, a Web Tab or via Stream once pinned to the App Bar. It would also be fantastic to do something like this with a mix of Stream, YouTube and other video services: which is similar to what other services such as Amazon Prime Video or Pluralsight offer.

Of course, it may be possible to do this sooner rather than later via PowerApps given the recent announcements at Microsoft Ignite – the ability to play Stream Videos through PowerApps and the ability to publish PowerApps as Teams Apps and pin them to the App bar. However, even if it could do this I would particularly love to see it as an added functionality of Stream itself to make it as easy as possible to surface.









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