Teams: #FightCorona – How can I schedule a meeting?

One of the keys to remote working with Teams is meetings. Meetings are a big part of Teams and like Chat, are one of the fundamental ways in which we can collaborate with others within our organisation, as well as guests and external users. In the next several blogs we will go into all the aspects of meetings including how to schedule them, how we can join them, what the meetings experience is like, how we can share, how we can amend meeting settings and how we can utilise integrated apps like the whiteboard

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Playing Video within Meetings

After blogs on setting up a video channel for the Team and using Teams and Stream for personalised video watchlists the natural conclusion is to now illustrate how to play video during a meeting. In July, Microsoft released share system audio (Featured ID: 50692 on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap) allowing members of the team to stream their computer audio to meeting participants through Teams. What is absolutely amazing is that there was no fanfare about this new functionality - it was simply added like any other feature and, from memory, didn't even make that great an impact on social. There are dozens of reasons why a member of the team would use video - instruction, demoing functionality, marketing, analysis, even playing back another meeting - and the organizer is no longer restricted by trying to run video with audio playing through the speakers. Whether the video is in YouTube, or in Stream, this can be done all within Teams to show the power of this application