Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Channel Pinning

Members of the team will use particular channels more than others. Their activity and interests will likely focus upon a handful, and there are others that they will very seldom use or engage with. This is because, like Teams, users won't use channels equally. There can be many reasons for this - role, the channel subject, engagement in other channels and what the team member feels is splitting focus. With the growth of Teams and channels within organisations and the issue of sprawl, it is important for the member of the Team to be able to quickly and easily access the channels they need which are important to them. It may also be important in terms of visually seeing when a new post has hit that channel. A great way of accomplishing both these things is the ability to pin the needed channels as required 

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: New Files Experience – Pinning Team Files

A very exciting day! If you have not yet heard the new rich file experience has come to Teams (Full Blog here). The Tech Community has been looking forward to this for some time and it was worth the wait. Congratulations to the Microsoft Team. I'll be looking at all the new features of this in the coming weeks in individual blogs interspersed with Ignite. The first of the new features I'll look at is the ability to pin Team documents. As you well know from reading my blogs, it's what I love - quick, easy, powerful and applicable to a ton of real world business cases. Whether to enable access to key documents in seconds, or if the Team is working on a specific set of documents over a period, it's a great way to separate hot files from cold files. It's great too if you need to keep a number of files to hand if you step away from the work for a period. Let's take a look.