Teams Real Simple with Pictures: New Files Experience – Adding a Custom View to the Team

We started out examining the new rich file experience which has come to Teams (Full Blog here) by looking at pinning and unpinning files. Today, I am going to tackle adding a custom view to a Team. A custom view may be something the team, or a member of the team needs such as only seeing excels in an A-Z format. Custom views make it easier for users to arrange, search and use files in a way that makes sense to them. The new file experience gives us the option to create many custom views, and in the initial stage of the Teams lifecycle, it is a great to consider this with the wider Team. It is also great that they apply across all channels in a Team, so it's not making this task too granular or repetitive

Teams Real Simple with Pictures: New Files Experience – Pinning Team Files

A very exciting day! If you have not yet heard the new rich file experience has come to Teams (Full Blog here). The Tech Community has been looking forward to this for some time and it was worth the wait. Congratulations to the Microsoft Team. I'll be looking at all the new features of this in the coming weeks in individual blogs interspersed with Ignite. The first of the new features I'll look at is the ability to pin Team documents. As you well know from reading my blogs, it's what I love - quick, easy, powerful and applicable to a ton of real world business cases. Whether to enable access to key documents in seconds, or if the Team is working on a specific set of documents over a period, it's a great way to separate hot files from cold files. It's great too if you need to keep a number of files to hand if you step away from the work for a period. Let's take a look.

Teams Real Simple with Pictures – Four ways to create a set of links for the Team

A set of common links (I.e. can be important for a team. Whether to access training, vendor sites, or even files within a channel it democratizes access to information, makes information more readily available and brings it to the users instead of them having to search for it. Yet with Teams there are different ways to create sets of links and each way has it's own pro's and con's. At the time of writing there is no single accepted way which has been recognized by the Tech Community as the best - so its a case of choosing which one is right for the Team. This will show you four potential methods to create a set of links.