Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Integrating the Microsoft 365 Roadmap with Teams via Flow

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Written: 13/08/2019 | Updated: N/A

In my personal experience, it is not just IT Pro’s who want to keep up to date with roadmaps and have an understanding of whats coming to the platforms they manage. Enthusiasts and evangelists are often eager to see new features that they may be able to leverage or rave about to their partners and customers. Support always wants to know what’s coming down the pipe in order to prepare for what they see are inevitable issues. Finance loves anything which can lead to greater ROI and save money – and CEO’s often like to know they got it right.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap is really fantastic – but the one persistent issue I regularly hear about is that working life is so busy many don’t have the time, forget, or it’s too far down the pecking order to check regularly and sift through updates.

As with most things this is easily resolved. Let’s get the updates delivered to the Team – and this doesn’t mean just adding a Web Tab to a Channel.


  • To keep updated with Microsoft 365
  • To prepare and plan for new updates


The following is required

  • Teams Licence
  • Flow Licence

Both are within Office/Microsoft 365. A user does not need to be an owner of a Team.


1.) Go to the Flow Homepage at and Sign In


2.) Search for Post Message on Teams


3.) Select Post Message on Teams when an RSS Feed is Published


4.) Select Continue


5.) The Flow page will be presented. Let’s get the RSS Feed URL from the Microsoft 365 Roadmap first


6.) Go to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap at


7.) Select RSS and get the URL from the web browser which should look something like

The page itself should look like


8.) Enter the RSS Feed URL, the Team Name and Channel into the Flow. Complete the Body Message with key information via Dynamic Content and format so that it will show in a presentable way within Teams. Once done, select Save


9.) Our job here is done. Updates to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap will now appear in Teams and the Flow runs will be recorded in the Portal under My Flows