Teams: #FightCorona – In The Meeting: Hard to hear? Use Live Captions

Sometimes, we can't always hear whose speaking in the meeting because it is noisy where we are. We may be in a busy office, near a construction site or in a cafe. Live captions is a great way to circumvent this issue. It gives participants a way to follow along with the conversation, whilst also being includisve of participants with different hearing abilities or language proficiencies.

Teams: #FightCorona – In The Meeting: Take Control of a PowerPoint Presentation

When I started doing public speaking I always used to prefer doing it alone. I prefered it since I had control over timing, control over the content and control over the narrative. Doing community work the last 18 months has completely changed my perspective and I am happy to say I enjoy joint sessions and have already submitted some this year. Now, when doing sessions virtually - and I have had a lot of experience of this from running a virtual usergroup - there is the issue of one person speaking (the presenter) and another controling the deck. This can lead to awkward transitions or worse - one calling out the other to transition which breaks the flow of the narrative. We therefore need to ensure a smooth handover of control from one presenter to another for maximum impact

Teams: #FightCorona – In The Meeting: Recording a Teams Meeting

Little needs to be said here about why meetings need to be recorded. There are too many reasons to list. Yet we can probably agree that the principle ones are an organisation has to record them for compliance purposes, someone needs to watch the meeting at a later date or people want to have a record of the meeting when important decisions are made. Recording is very easy to do in Teams - however the awareness of everything around recording - such as compliance, where the recording is stored, who can play it in Teams after it has been recorded, can be low

Teams: #FightCorona – In The Meeting: Pinning participants

Sometimes we want to focus on specific views or people within a meeting. This could be for several reasons - an external camera is directing at a screen or whiteboard, or someone is the principle speaker or meeting lead. The meeting could be in a Q&A format where you have a speaker asking questions and then multiple people rotate to provide answers. It could be for training. It could be for recording purposes. Microsoft Teams is designed to automatically show the last 4 speakers in the main 2 x 2 grid. Pinning participants allows us to deviate away from that or choose who we want to have in that 2 x 2 grid

Teams: #FightCorona – In The Meeting: Playing video with audio

I have to deliver a course tomorrow. I also need to play videos that would be worthwhile for the learners since many in the class learn visually. I need the other participants to be able to hear the audio on those videos for the full experience. Up until last year, that wasn't possible in Teams, but there was a small feature that was introduced that meant that video with audio could now be used in meetings. This works whether the video is in a site such as YouTube, or embedded in a PowerPoint